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Summary of Office Training in November 2016

 Source: Boda 


This month, office organized five training sessions, each of which was carefully prepared. The lecturers were enthusiastic and energetic,pass their own professional knowledge and skills to each trainee. Everyone listening carefully, record earnestly, discuss actively, the learning atmosphere is strong.


November 21, 14:30-15:00
Training topics:《Several typical forms of enterprise organization》
Speaker: Chen Xi

Through a brief introduction of the typical form of enterprise, we can understand the content related to enterprise form more systematic and have apreliminary understanding to the differences of management in different types of enterprises, the content of course is basic and practical, will have a good reference and help to the office staff in their daily office has a good reference and help work.


November 23, 14:00-14:30
Training topics:《The Common Format and Essay of Minutes》
Speaker: Li Yanying

Minutes are commonly literary form used in various departments, in addition to the secretary, other jobs in their daily work may also be exposed to the work of writing minutes,so the training topic has strong necessity and practicality. The lecturer explained the concept through the theory, combined with the study sample, so that we can get the point directly and clearly.


November 24, 16:00-16:30
Training topics:《The Etiquette of Daily Reception》
Speaker:Jiang Ying

From the perspective of personal cultivation, etiquette is a person's inner self-cultivation and the external manifestation of quality. From the perspective of communication, etiquette is an art in interpersonal communication, a way of communication. This course is set up from theperspective of receive guests, and introduced from facial expressions, gestures and dinner service five etiquette requirements.


November 25, 11:00-11:45
Training topics:《How to Do Personal Career Planning (1)》
Speaker:Hu Bo

Career activities will be accompanied by most of our life, with a successful career in order to achieve a perfect life. Career planning is not a contingency plan, but operating the future. An effective career planning is conducive to a clearly life goals of the future. This course mainly introduce the theoretical knowledge related to the career

planning through the concept, origin, meaning, theoretical model and influencing factors of career planning. Only by having a preliminary understanding of the relevant theoretical knowledge, can the employee design a reasonable and feasible career plan with the effective method.


November 25, 14:00-14:30
Training topics:《The Basic Operation of PPT (1)》

PowerPoint is the office software which frequentlyused in daily work, good habits and mastery of operating skills will greatly improve work efficiency. This course includes the production habits of PPT and theauxiliary software of PPT two parts. Participants listened to the course content carefully during the training process, through the practical exercises to consolidate, and can ask question actively, the atmosphere of the class is actively.