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Report on Office Training in March and April, 2017

 Source: BODA Group 


Standing in the springtime of March, the green rhythm interprets the meaning of life. The sunshine reveals the fresh and bright March and its secret……

In this energetic season, Boda began its training in 2017!

With the rapid development of enterprises, in order to ensure the continuous progress and innovation of enterprises, to comprehensively enhance the professional quality of employees, to play the staff execution ability, to establish a strong cohesion of enterprises, office training needs to ensure steady improvement of the training effect as well as to persevere. In 2017, examination is added to the training. As a result, the speech level and the logical thinking ability of the lecturers have been practiced. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm and the initiative of the attendees are increased gradually. The training courses are now summarized as follows:

There were three courses of the office training in March.
Subject: How to Make Good Personal Career Planning (Middle) (Last)"

14:30 on 23 March 2017

Lecturer: Bo Hu


Understand what is career planning. So how to plan, how to plan reasonably? These two lessons guide you to know yourself, to understand yourself, to evaluate your career choices and to formulate a complete, self-actual and practical action outline. After the explanation in these lessons, everyone will have a clear idea about its career planning and find their own blue sky in its position.

Subject: Composition of Photos

15:35 on 24 March 2017

Lecturer: Ying Jiang


Today's society has been inseparable from the media publicity, publicity is the most powerful what? In addition to the theme of the event that is the photo, the photo is the most able to attract the eye thing, but also more convincing a tool. The main lesson is about taking pictures and techniques. This lesson taught us how to look at the camera and the overall picture of the proportion of how to shoot out will be perfect, which later work in the camera link laid the foundation.

Subject: Standard of Men’s Suits and Ties Dressing

24 March 2017

Lecturer: Ying Jiang


It is very common to wear western dress and leather shoes. However, are you stick to the standard of occupational dressing? Let us tell you with details. This lesson is mainly about the standard of men’s suits and ties dressing in occupation. Through the study of this lesson, we all have all the knowledge, in the future of the occupational dress has played a certain help.

There were eight courses of the office training in April.

Subject: Tips on the Match of Occupational Dressing

14:30 on 7 April 2017

Lecturer: Fengdan Yang


Etiquette is a person's inner accomplishment while dresssing is your inner qualities reflect. Is a highly persuasive expression of self-image. This course mainly explains the important meaning of the dress in the workplace and the skill of the match. I believe you will be another understanding and opinion. This course taught the clothing with the skills and color with the effect, so that everyone is aware of the importance of dress.

Subject: Office Software PowerPoint(2)

15:15 on 7 April 2017

Lecturer: Detian Hou


In last lesson, I guided everyone to get familiar with PPT, and taught some simple basic operation. In this lesson I will mainly explains how to improve the PPT technical operation. We all know that the production of PPT easy, but in order to produce a high quality PPT it needs logic, skills and design, and this is the premise of making quality PPT! This kind of targeted training course, no doubt that we are all hard things, to help you solve the difficulties and enhance the efficiency.

Subject: Simple Processing of Photos in PS

14:50 on 25 April 2017

Lecturer: Fengdan Yang


What is PS? I guide you to learn a 2D software, that is, a design software with the full name Photoshop. This lesson introduces the basic operation of the software, and how to deal with high exposure photos and dark pictures. We can take advantage of this software to assist enterprises to deal with some promotional photos to play a perfect perfect effect. This course taught everyone to use this software to enhance their skills. In the future work we will not worry about a picture of a defect.

Subject: Overview of the Project Data

15:50 on 25 April 2017

Lecturer: Ying Jiang


We all understand enterprise strategy, however employees may not have to understand the development of enterprises. In order to achieve corporate uniform standards, and actively participate in business, understand the business process, master enterprise information. Specially screened out a number of representative project information for everyone to learn. Everyone learns, everyone is responsible. Through the study of this class, so that we understand their own business, mastered the latest business, so that each post staff are clearly aware of their duties, efficient work.

Subject: How to Prepare Excellent Press Releases for Enterprises

14:20 on 26 April 2017

Lecturer: Yanying Li


Heavy struck! All the activities of the organization do not work without publicity and business dynamics cannot be separated from the news of the spread. How to let the outside world more understanding of your business, the focus is reflected in the news of this article. Through this lesson everyone can grasp more clearly the importance of corporate news. The training subject has a strong relevance and practicality. The speaker speaks through the theoretical concept and combines case studies to teach you how to write a corporate press release. Through this course, we have mastered the characteristics and points of writing news, to the future work has played a helping role.

Subject: To Know Blind Spots of Humanity and to Eliminate Interpersonal Barriers

15:30 on 26 April 2017

Lecturer: Bo Hu


Interpersonal Communication is an art. Are you very happy or very successful to communicate in the event to meet strangers for the first time, or in the event to just enter a strange circle, or the people and things we have to face everyday. This lesson will take you to understand the characteristics of human nature. After the actual case analysis in this lesson, we can easily solve interpersonal difficulties encountered.

Subject: PPT Animation 1-2

15:55 on 26 April 2017

Lecturer: Detian Hou


We have mastered the software. Perhaps you feel surprised about the video effect of PPT, but that is not a problem. In this lesson I will teach you hand by hand the way to create PPT animation. Through the study of this lesson, on the way to PPT production, we will have more innovative thinking and further improve technical operation skills, which means the essence absorption to our work.

Subject: NPC & CPPCC

09:10 on 27 April 2017

Lecturer: Li Yanying


The development of enterprises is inseparable from the national policy, as a forward-looking, multinational companies can not do without the national policy trends, real-time understanding of national affairs, everything to do with the country, enterprises can be everlasting. This is our Boda!

Monthly training courses enable everybody to be inspired to varied degrees and to learn new knowledge and methods. We hope that all the employees will be able to apply what learned to practice. We will bring out our strengths to make up for our weaknesses and improve continuously, in order to promote work efficiency, to enhance the overall image of our company, and to promote stable, healthy and sustainable development of our company!

Messages from Leaders

Wang Lide, President:
It is necessary to organize employees to attend periodic and directional trainings. During the training, it is reminded to link the theory and the practice, and to apply what learned to practice, or to learn with problems. The effectiveness should be focused.

Cheng Qixing, Executive Vice President:
Training courses should keep up with the development requirements of our company business, and should be scheduled close to the position requirements of our employees. What learned should be applied to practice.