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Qinhuangdao Energy Trade Center

Based on powerful capital strength and formidable resource advantage, BODA Group started to march into the energy industry in large scale in 2013.  The registration capital is 2 billion Yuan of Liancai Oil Co., Ltd with BODA Group participating as the major shareholder.  This company is the only construction operator of oil reserve & delivery pool, owns the import & export quota of petroleum and crude oil, and is a significant power for oil industry to suddenly rise in China.

Held by BODA Group, the Qinhuangdao Energy Trade Center Limited Liability Company was formally started on August 11, 2015 with the registration capital being 500,000,000 Yuan, being the only trade center for refined oil and derivatives in China, of which the annual trade amount is more than 2,000 billion Yuan and Mr. Niu Shuhai holds the post of Executive Chairman of Directorate and General Manager.

Permitted by Hebei People’s Government, the Qinhuangdao Energy Trade Center Limited Liability Company is registered on December 16, 2014.  According to the demand conditions of market, the spot transactions will be carried out step by step for some oil products, such as refined oil, fuel oil, aviation kerosene, LNG, LPG.  At the same time, the business will be expanded to most products in petrochemical industry chain, including lubricating oil, solvent oil, naphtha, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.  After the official launch, that the annual trade amount will be more than 100 billion Yuan and the annual profit and tax will be over 2 billion Yuan will be realized.

According to the agreement, the Administration Committee of Qinhuangdao Economy & Technology Development Area and Liancai Oil Co., Ltd jointly found Qinhuangdao Liancai Oil Reservation Pool and Qinhuangdao Energy Trade Center, aimed at making a transaction platform of national and international factors which is in connection with world exchanges and sets product pricing center, transaction center, information center, financing center and supply chain management center as a whole.

Qinhuangdao Liancai Oil Reservation & Distribution Co., Ltd plans to build an oil reserve pool of 3.24 million tons with total investment of 6 billion Yuan.  The site for the project is located in Qinhuangdao Economy & Technology Development Area(East part).  An oil product reserve pool of 1.08 million cubic meters will be constructed with investment being 2 billion Yuan and occupation area being 625 mu.   Currently, the exploration is finished and the development design arrives.  The total occupation area of the reserve pool is about 2,700 mu and the available construction scale is 5.6 million cubic meters (capacity of reserve pool).  After the completion of this project, on one hand, oil products transit and storage services will be provided for the petrochemical enterprises in North China and the area along Bohai; on the other hand, offer the petrochemical producers and traders in South Korea, Japan and some other areas with transit services of refined oil.  At the same time, this reserve pool being the assigned delivery station of Qinhuangdao Energy Trade Center, the regional advantages and policy environment in Qinhuangdao Port will be used to form a base of  domestic & international transit, gathering & distribution and allocation of staple oil products, and form a biggest reservation and distribution base of refined oil  in North China.