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Life & Work

Time zipped by. When I took the pen in my hand to write I am in Boda, I have spent four years of good time here. I feel very fortunate to witness the successes of the company one by one all the way. I am even honored and proud to be a member of the company.

"Struggling Hard Today Strategically and Making Sure the Achievement of Our Missions" is our corporate spirit, guiding us to go all the way forward. Nowadays, Boda is already a comprehensive multinational enterprise and a leader of Chinese enterprises entering the Latin American market. The strategy of Boda is far-sighted and the culture of Boda is significant!

Since I joined the company, I always work with full passion, just because in Boda there are boundless passion and motivation, my efforts, my care and my career that I pursuit in my life. Although my position may be insignificant and my work is common and ordinary, I am dedicated to my job and love my company. I firmly believe that each small step of a member is a big step of the company.

I am lucky to be in Boda. Here are the broad platform for development, a leading team that emphasis on and care about the comprehensive quality improvement of the staff, colleagues teaching me experience and helping me to grow, and the harmonious atmosphere in which people help each other as in the same boat. The company provides employees with a very good platform for learning and progress. I grew up and enriched my life experience in the past years to hone and study intensively.

With the continuous expansion and development of the company, I know very well that I need to learn and strive constantly to grow together with the company! I cherish every day here, to improve myself and to try my best to do every job at the moment. I grow together with Boda and serve Boda, leaving the beautiful colors to my regretless youth.